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Why Your Business Needs Titicus Bookkeeping

Timely Reporting

Too often, your month-end financials aren’t generated until near the end of the following month. You can not make strategic decisions based on outdated information.

Precise Coding

All revenues and expenses correspond to specific entries in the chart of accounts. Accuracy and care for how these entries affect financial reporting are required to facilitate the effective flow of information through the entire Financial Planning & Analysis process.

Financial Controls

We don’t believe in simply entering invoices and booking revenues as they are handed to us. We view ourselves as an additional financial control for your business, looking to minimize expenses and maximize revenues, leading to greater profitability.

Our Bookkeeping Services

Lay the Foundation for Financial Success

Every financial report, variance analysis, and projection model is impacted by imprecision or apathy toward bookkeeping.
At Titicus we take the time and effort to deliver accurate financials, because we understand the
impact carelessness can have on your business.

Month-End Closeout-min

Month-End Closeout

Timely Completion: We work with your team to set firm and timely deadlines for all components required to complete the monthly closeout to deliver financial results while they’re relevant.

Financial Statement Preparation: Deep thought and consideration are used in developing your financial statement geography so your income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows tell a coherent and accurate story.

Accrual Accounting

Accruals: Any expenses that require accrual are tracked to provide a more accurate representation of your company’s financial position.

Compliance w. Accounting Standards: Many accounting standards, including Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), require businesses to use accrual accounting.


General Ledger Maintenance

Financial Accuracy and Integrity: General ledger maintenance ensures the accuracy and integrity of financial data. By recording all transactions in a systematic and organized manner, businesses can rely on the general ledger to provide a true and reliable representation of their financial status, aiding in decision-making.

Efficient Auditing Processes: A well-maintained general ledger streamlines the auditing process. Auditors can easily trace and verify transactions, supporting a smoother audit experience.

Expense Tracking

Recurring Expenses: Auto-renewal of products is common practice in the SaaS industry. Whether the renewal occurs monthly, quarterly, or annually, losing track of these expenses leads to thousands of dollars wasted.

Cash Flow Management: Understanding the timing of recurring expenses is critical to effective cash flow management.


Accurate Expense Allocations: Converting the reports generated by your payroll company to your general ledger requires precision. Too often, misentries lead to false assumptions about the costs of salaries and payroll related expenses.

Audits: Worker’s compensation insurance, taxes, and access to certain government programs all can be dependent on accurate payroll information.

Payroll Recording

Timely Financial Reporting: Accurate financial packages can not be generated until all accounts; cash, credit card, and loans are properly reconciled.

Fraud Detection and Prevention: Regular bank reconciliations serve as an effective tool for detecting and preventing fraudulent activities. Discrepancies between internal records and bank statements may indicate unauthorized transactions or errors that require investigation.

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Choose Titicus for Your Bookkeeping Needs

The Foundation of Financial Reporting

Titicus is not just a bookkeeping firm. But our focus on accurate bookkeeping facilitates more effective financial reporting, analysis, and cash flow management.

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Insights from the Bottom Up

Titicus understands your goals from a business perspective, driving profits, and can recognize how baseline activities in bookkeeping trickle through your operations and have dramatic impacts on your financial performance.

Profit Focused

There is a critical difference between profit and revenue. We understand the relationship between the two and help our clients pursue the revenue with the highest profit margin.

Clear Communication and Ongoing Enhancement

Transparency is key in our relationship. We provide timely financial reporting and communicate the state of affairs in your finances - the good, the bad, and the ugly.