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What Do Our Financial Management Services Include?

Your business needs the same financial expertise as enterprise-level companies. However, the cost of dedicated finance professionals leaves many small businesses incapable of receiving the support and analysis required to drive both revenues and profitability. Titicus addresses this gap by providing custom solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

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Bookkeeping is the foundation for all accounting and finance for a small business. You cannot afford uncertainty when it comes to the reports generated out of your General Ledger (GL) system. At Titicus, we elevate your bookkeeping process, transforming it from a routine task into a strategic asset. Our focus is on ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your financial data, which is critical for informed decision-making and long-term planning.

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Fractional Chief Financial Officer

Too often business owners confuse accounting for finance and believe their accountant serves as a proxy CFO for them. Your accountant is focused on making sure the financial information is accurate, which is obviously important but not what a CFO does. (that’s a Controller’s role) A CFO will tell you what that financial information means and, more importantly, how to leverage it to improve performance and profit.

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Financial Reporting
& Analysis

An accurate Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash flows is just the start. We develop custom financial reports beyond what you’d get from a typical accountant to provide you with actionable data that results in improved financial performance. Our approach involves a deep dive into your business's financial health, uncovering trends, and identifying opportunities for improvement. Take your first step towards better insight into your financial performance today.

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Cash Flow &
Capital Management

Effective cash flow and capital management are crucial for the health and growth of any business. We specialize in developing proper controls around receivables, payables and distributions to reduce unnecessary expenses and establish a working capital base. This approach strengthens your balance sheet and supports sustainable business growth.

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