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    Sublime Communications & Boutique Hotel

    Posted by Aaron Jacobstein on Aug 10, 2022 10:32:04 AM

    Sublime Communications is a Connecticut based branding agency. Titicus and Sublime Communications formed a strategic partnership to provide marketing services for a boutique luxury hotel brand, with multiple Connecticut locations.

    The agency that preceded us managed the previous search engine marketing (SEM/PPC) campaign in the agency’s Google AdWords account as opposed to the client’s. The previous agency’s agreement stated that the intellectual property associated with the campaigns belonged to the agency and not the client, meaning historical information could not be leveraged to increase the performance of the campaigns we were inheriting or creating anew. This forced us to start from scratch with our ad copy, keyword strategy, bid strategy and campaign structure.

    The Goal

    We were tasked with launching a digital marketing campaign that lifted the brand image for the hotel chain and increased revenue booked through the website directly into the company’s property management system. Additionally, we needed to ensure that channel attribution was automated for all eCommerce revenue, enabling campaign optimization and providing reporting that would empower the client to hold us accountable for our performance.

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