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Years of Experience in
Marketing + Finance

Who We Are

We are an outsourced agency that provides businesses both strategic and tactical support in the areas of finance and marketing, allowing our clients to focus on their core competency.

Our Philosophy

We inform our innovative strategies by leveraging the amount of data businesses have in a manner that facilitates marketing and financial decision making. Our focus will always be centered around increasing profit.

Leadership Team

aaron leadership

Titicus River

An 8.5-mile-long (13.7 km) river in southwestern Connecticut and southeastern New York.

Aaron Jacobstein
Maryland basketball is everything

serrieh leadership

Jordan River 

The lowest elevation of any river in the world.

Serrieh Hijazi
Marketing Guru by Day, Animal Lover Always!

alex leadership

Hudson River  

A tidal estuary, where salt water from the ocean combines with fresh water from northern tributaries.

Alex Zondervan
Has two cats named Maude and Maisie.

joseph leadership

St. John's River 

The longest river in Florida at a whopping 310 miles long.

Joseph Lusi
Three most important B’s in life: books, beer, bcoffee


Our unique cycle creates a marketing environment that is constantly learning and optimizing to boost ROI.


1Create Goals

Without clear goals, you are directionless. We define clear, actionable and achievable metrics to help you reach your overall business objectives.

2Analyze Critical Data

We audit your disparate systems to establish the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing and finance.

3Learn & Report

We provide actionable data-driven recommendations built and developed by our marketing and financial strategies.

and Optimize

We implement time sensitive tactical projects to meet strategic goals.


Human connection. Streamlined support. Experienced team. Creative minds.

A team of diverse minds who believe that successful actions are dependent on accurate reporting. Our solution to the ever changing environment of digital marketing is the synergy in marketing and finance. We inform our innovative strategies through a pragmatic understanding of data to create meaningful impacts in the digital world. Our focus will always be centered around increasing profit.