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    Miller Law Group

    Posted by Aaron Jacobstein on May 5, 2022 2:51:25 PM

    Miller Law Group is a New York state family and divorce law firm based in Westchester County. They differentiate themselves by providing their clients a process aimed at alleviating the stress and agony of divorce rather than fan the flames of discord. Their focus is allowing their clients to “divorce with dignity.”

    The Challenge

    Phase 1: The initial challenge facing Miller Law Group was the website was designed in individual pieces without consideration of the impact on searchability and crawlability.

    Phase 2: The main challenge as we expanded our marketing efforts was the absence of a technology infrastructure that could streamline a multi-tactic, fully integrated digital marketing strategy.

    Phase 3: Once incorporating the financial component, the challenges were a balance sheet that needed cleaning up, expense tracking that was not facilitating analysis and technology that could tie together marketing and financial success to measure return on investment.

    The Goal

    The goals for Miller Law Group expanded as individual tactics proved successful. They breakdown into three phases.

    Phase 1: The initial goal for the Miller Law Group was increased organic traffic resulting in increased organic lead generation.

    Phase 2: The goal for the expanded phase 2 was to increase website traffic across all channels, improve attribution reporting and expand the social media audience.

    Phase 3: Phase 3 incorporated all the marketing goals of phase 2 but expanded into our financial services to increase revenue and profit.

    Topics: Finance, Marketing, Case Study